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KOKS Final Thought 4 2day!

At the end of every show Bill gets the opportunity to improve KIDS lives, with one KOKS Final Thought 4 2day!

This is one of my most favorite things to do, each week… because as you well know, when someone puts their mind to “IT” anything is possible!!

KOKS guests will have the opportunity to share with the audience, their most personal thoughts on that day’s subject, see below.

Ultimately, parents are responsible for their kids reading and education, especially teaching them the value of READING! Take time before your kids go to bed to READ!! Give them the opportunity to pick books they would like to read, and also share with them the awesome experience of going to a bookstore, just to Browse!– Phillip Margolin, www.PhillipMargolin.com
As we keep or break the Sabbath, we nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope by which man rises. — Abraham Lincoln– Dr. Matthew Sleeth, http://matthewsleethmd.com/
DON’T Panic!! DON’T Be Complacent!– Mario Almonte, http://huffingtonpost.com/mario-almonte
Who you decide you are’ and ‘what you decide you want’ are what really matter. Beyond improving yourself, the world at large benefits from your pure determination and full creative expression. That’s how records are broken and history is made!– Carla Lundblade, http://carlalundblade.com/
Well I would say, I look at neighborhoods like I look at a street that has potholes in it. I would say, look at your neighborhood and if you feel that if they are areas you see that need to be fixed up. It could be something like a gate or a fence I would say engage with your neighbors, engage neighbors. It is amazing how many neighborhoods they do not know their neighbors and I think this is a big loss that we have had in urban environments.

In our neighborhood everybody knows everybody. Get to know your neighbors get to know – look at your neighborhood and if it needs to get something done. Do not wait for somebody to do it, get together and we do everything ourselves. We do not wait for Politician to do things for us- we do not wait for somebody else. If it is to be it is up to me that is why we get things done. I would just say spread the word about the Neighborhood Ownership Model.

I think it is something that any city who has issues whether they are small or large can really find something, a piece of the Neighborhood Ownership Model that will help them and give them a better quality of life.– Mike Petetit, http://www.neighborhoodownershipmodel.org/

The problem with Smartphone technology is that if your GPS is left on it embeds your GPS location in what’s called the meta data of the picture; which means the background information that tells you the date, the time, what kind of camera the picture was taken with and if the GPS is turned on it also embeds the GPS longitude and latitude coordinates into that picture.

So now you have this young teenage girl half naked with a picture on the internet that anyone can download and with free software finds out the location base on GPS coordinates of where that picture was taken – which is generally her bedroom or bathroom or something to that effect.

The danger here for these kids is extreme, because you have sick people on the internet who may find these pictures and then is able to geolocate your daughters based on the information… You should download and read the complete quote – By Chris Hadnagy, http://social-engineer.org/

Well, I think really to go to EmergencyLink.com and get setup. Whenever I talk about the program to family, friends, colleagues and people we work with everyone is like wow, that is powerful I am signing up and it is free and it can save your life and change the life of your loved one. So make sure everyone signs up today – because it is such a valuable service.
– Bill Van Cleave, http://www.emergencylink.com/
They’re “OUR” kids… they are not the School boards, not the School districts. or for that matter… they are not the teachers kids, either! They’re OUR kids!! There are wonderful teachers, and some not so wonderful teachers,,, be involved in your KIDS education! Read with your child, past the time they want to read with you!– Antoinette Kuritz, LaJolla Writers Conference
There are three things that I value in my life, and those are my faith family & freedom. Without those 3 things, I feel like, what is the purpose in living. I think Common Core affects all 3 of those things and that is why I have the passion and desire to fight this is to protect my faith, my family & equally important is our freedom in America.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas who rejected Common Core because of what it would do to their freedoms as a state as well as the cost, said it would be foolish and irresponsible to place our children’s future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and special interest groups thousands of miles away in Washington, virtually eliminating parents participation in their children’s education.– Renee Braddy, Common Core

Educational standards whether high or low are meaningless without the political freedom to change them.– Christel Swasey, Common Core
Ask yourselves some questions. Where do you see the future of education in America going? Do you think we should do what we do best and help kids to be great thinkers and explore the world or do you think we should use the European model and create a workforce for the future?– Alisa Ellis, Common Core
Words Have Power; sharing books with the family, and parents reading the books their kids are reading. Get back the child you left behind, all those years ago. Read a few minutes a day!– Helen Stringer, http://helenstringer.net/blog/
“Storytelling can be a group activity and storytelling is important. We don’t have to give up on the child inside of us… So, bring those stories back into your lives..”– Rick Polito, http://www.shake-n-tell.com/
FREEDOM! It’s a Choice, and prison life (incarceration) takes that away! so, be very thankful for your freedom…– Buzzy Martin, http://buzzymartin.com/

Thanks to all our guests, for sharing their time, their wisdom, their knowledge and especially their caring hearts with out them we would have no show!! Please support your local task forces, civic groups, businesses, and charitable organizations that support Keeping Our Kids Safe, is all they ask in return!

And, as always remember…

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

1. Awareness (U care)

2. Communication (listening)

3. Teaching (the best part)

4. Action (follow through)

Bill Wardell discusses and creates Awareness of the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, family, business, & personal privacy. Teaching Parents the How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety so you can create Action plans that your family will be able to follow through with, to accomplish your families GOALS and online safety plan!!

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents!

The guests’ answers are almost always the same, “Communication Is Key”!! Getting people to talk to one another and work towards a common goal seems simple enough, but there-in lies the problem. Communication is what it takes to get started, and then having open discussions with your children to keep them safe!

Be Aware, Start Communicating and Join Bill Every Thursday Morning @ 11:00 am MST as we discuss Parenting in the year 2012 and beyond. Sometimes more importantly how we can improve on Keeping Our Kids Safe, and all the Internet Security Issues of the day relating to your children, families, homes, PC’s and mobile communication devices…

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