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Cyber Safety & Ethics & Stuff for Kids, Parents & Teachers… You know Winn Schwartau, cyber security expert, author of Information Warfare, Cybershock and other published works :)

Winn’s video message below is pretty clear, parents and teachers there needs to be change in how we prepare all our kids, for the World Wide Web and Mobile Communication!

Ashley Schwartau (yes, Winn’s daughter) who is one of the key members of the team, in charge of all the productions and illustrations/graphics etc. and who co-founded the idea with Winn Schwartau…

Click play, to listen to this father and daughter share their story, and this wonderful book… it can and will change your KIDS Lives!!

The 3 lowest forms of communication: gossip, hearsay and rumors! These 3 forms of communication are normal for our children to hear on a daily basis. On the Television, on the Radio, in Movie Theaters, Games they play, even in school, literally 1000’s of different messages every single day… [Read More]

We all can help change this message, with Hope, Courage and LOVE… it starts by teaching our kids about Honor, Integrity, Morals and Ethics… and this up to us parents everywhere, don’t let others teach your KIDS the wrong message and way of LIFE!

Winn is having an absolute ball launching a new/updated cyber security book, aimed at children, family and educators, and hopes that when you have a moment, you could look at his latest book project? Click picture below, and become a part of the solution:

Cyber Safety and Ethics

It’s a complete update of the original from several years ago, that serves to educate K-12 about safe use of computers and networks.

Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff is not about telling you how to behave. It’s not about telling you what is right and what is wrong. It is about asking you a lot of questions that you might not have thought of. It’s about letting parents and teachers, youth and spiritual leaders encourage an open dialogue so everyone can learn from everyone else.

It is about giving you, your family and teachers the technical and not-so-technical pointers you need to make the right decisions for you. Tim, Tess and CatFive, and I will guide you through the good and the bad of the internet.

Thank you, Winn and Ashley for joining me today on the KOKS Radio Show… It was Awesome, and so much great information for families everywhere!

Anything you need please let me know and we’ll help spread the GOOD news of Cyber Safety & Ethics, because without these simple guidelines being taught to our KIDS they’ll be the ones who have to deal with their children’s… children and then it might to late!!

Be A Part Of the Solution!!! for the price of a soda and candy bar, plus it will last much longer, and you KIDS will thank you someday :)