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Joining Bill today was Victoria Repice, Sr. Director, Product Management, NQ Mobile At NQ Mobile…

Victoria helps develop consumer-centric solutions for mobile security and privacy, click play above and listen to this awesome interview: Victoria Repice, Monitoring Your Child’s Mobile Activity


NQ Family Guardian is a parental control app that helps parents protect their children by providing an online portal to monitor their location and smartphone use, as well as manage how kids use their devices.


Install NQ Family Guardian on your child’s smartphone to ensure your child’s safety and empower them to enjoy a safe digital experience. See for yourself how we can help you protect your children.

Features and Benefits:

Browser Blocker: Safeguard your children by blocking inappropriate websites.
App Filter: Make smart choices about which apps your children can access.
Contact Filter: Block calls or messages from unwanted contacts. Help your kids fight spam texts and harassing calls by adding numbers to their block lists.
Schedules: Control your children’s mobile phone use by setting up times when they can unlock their phones to make calls, browse the Internet, text, and more.
Monitors: Keep track of your children’s locations, messages, calls, browsing histories, app downloads, and photos.
Geo-Fences: Set up a safe zone to for your children and get notified when they’re outside of this safe zone.
Check-in: Get check-in messages when your children arrive safely at their destinations. You can also track their location if they forget to check in.
Panic Alarm: If you kids are in trouble, they can send an alert message to your phone with their exact location. Download the NQ Family Guardian and enjoy a 1 month FREE trial.



Family Guardian is an app that sits in children’s smartphones and basically monitors anything they do and where they go. Parents go online and access a dashboard, and can pull up all of the phone’s activity: view contacts, Web browsing history, photos taken, what apps are downloaded, and location data. Parents can also set limits on when the phone can be used (it can be blocked out during certain hours of the day), who their kids can talk or text, and restrict Web sites and apps.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Victoria today, for taking time out of her busy schedule to share with the Keeping Our Kids Safe family, how to be safe online and especially how to protect our kids as they use today’s mobile technology!!

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