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Joining Bill today on the KOKS Radio Live Show Was Tim Woda, Co-founder and SVP of Strategic Growth, and VA based startup, uKnow.com, a leading internet safety company.uKnowKids™

Social Networking + Mobile (Wireless Connections) Smartphones + Media (Music, Video, Gaming) are all converging into one… Medium!! It is now becoming known as the “Digital Wireless World” that we are all a part of…

“this generation of kids 12 years and younger are the first (Born-In) generations of digital natives, and we as parents are digital immigrants…”

Kids will be KIDS, so your responsibility is still to be a good parent, that has not changed nor will it change in the future!!

Listen to his fantastic interview below:

Tim Woda’s own son was targeted and stalked by an online predator. Tim’s story includes how his investigative work lead to the arrest of the man in question after local and federal authorities initially said they were unable to help protect his son. As it turns out, the man had been raping and molesting children throughout the Maryland and DC area for years.

Tim Woda and Family

Tim applied the lessons of the challenge his family faced to found the Arlington, VA based startup, uKnow.com, a leading internet safety company.uKnowKids™, the company’s flagship product, helps parents across the world keep their kids safe online and on their mobile phone in an entirely new way.

Tim has spoken on The Ricki Lake Show and Fox News DC as an internet safety expert and can provide extremely helpful tips to your viewers about keeping their children safe from CyberBullying, sexting, online predators and many other dangers. Because of Tim’s actions, the man is currently serving time in a state prison with 40 years hanging over his head.


Parental Intelligence System adds a layer of insight and analytics to your uKnowKids Dashboard. Analyzing your child’s numerous digital activities, the system crunches the data to find patterns and trends and translates it back to parents in a form that is easy to understand. To help parents to Educate, Engage and Protect their KIDS online!

A very special thank you Tim, for sharing your time, knowledge and wisdom with us today!! Make sure uKnowYourKids and what they are up to :O)