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Carla Lundblade, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist joined Bill today on KOKS Radio. We talked about: Lessons Learned From The Positive & Negative of Fame. We talked about how we can be better parents following some simple guidelines, about The Positive and Negative side of each situation.


Some of the topic’s Carla covered during the show, Code of Ethics, Self-Esteem Building and Elite Skills in Young Adults & Children! Click play, to listen to this awesome interview:

Carla has loved sports her entire life and understands the strong demands placed on highly successful athletes. She maintains an active lifestyle by slalom water skiing, snowboarding, wilderness trail running and adventure boot camp training, as well as any other sport she has an opportunity to try.

‘Who you decide you are’ and ‘what you decide you want’ are what really matter. Beyond improving yourself, the world at large benefits from your pure determination and full creative expression. That’s how records are broken and history is made! – Carla Lundblade

Her love for athletics as a career has led her to successfully work with some of the best athletes in the U.S. Some of the sports that Carla has worked with include: baseball, softball, basketball, football, marathon, golf, volleyball, swimming, track and field, and tennis.

Carla Lundblade Baseball Mentoring Program

However, Carla’s client list has also included attorneys, musicians, dancers, models and corporate executives. Each person performs daily in their work and can utilize effective mental skills training to enhance their performance.

Today Carla showed us how to use what she has learned and how to implement it into our everyday lives to be better parents, and to help our kids become whatever they choose to be, and be very successful once they achieve their goals!!

Carla Lundblade Home Page Video from Carla Lundblade on Vimeo.

I want to thank Carla for her time today, and for sharing with us her knowledge. I am betting my son will be happy as well, that dad listened to Carla’s advice.

To connect with Carla Lundblade: Psyched Up Radio | Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Lundblade: Coach Code of Conduct

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