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Shake-N-Tell creator Rick Polito, developed a storytelling improv app called Shake-N-Tell that nudges parents through a storytelling experience with brief text prompts that outline an adventure and inspire elaboration and embellishment. Rich says; “we’re using ancient technology to bring back and ancient tradition.”

KOKS Final Thought 4 2day! you well know, when someone puts their mind to “IT” anything is possible!!

“Storytelling can be a group activity and storytelling is important. We don’t have to give up on the child inside of us… So, bring those stories back into your lives..”

Listen to this fantastic interview with Rick, inventor, writer and especially a great dad!!

This has great audio potential for kids and families for summer activities such as: campfires, long road trips etc. and anytime you are in the family CAR!!! LOL… for sure, if the Wardell family car is an example!

*Show Notes

Rick Polito’s Website Shake-n-Tell

Check out the app on iTunes: Shake-N-Tell

Check out these other great articles, by Rick Polito: A Colorado father brings storytelling to the 21st Century

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I want to thank Rick for joining me today live, and taking his time to share his passions and his new iPone App for families everywhere!!