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by OSAuthority in Family Mon, March 19, 2007

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist    

Profile of a Predator – Cyber predators can be any age, any sex, any race or ethnic background. They are mostly male.


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Sexual predators love the internet. Never in the history of mankind has there been a tool that allowed them such easy access to a huge base of potential victims. And along with the large number of children they have access to, the internet also allows sexual predators a way to anonymously work their victims until they get them right where they want them.

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The tricks of the sexual predator, these days, are psychological. No longer is the biggest threat to our children the guy who spends all day watching the children in in the park waiting for the right moment to snatch and run or the person slowly cruising up and down the block looking for kids to abduct. With the easy access to so many children that is afforded the predator by technologies like the internet, the biggest threat is someone who will first earn the child’s trust and, instead of coming after the child, have the child come to them.

The number one way the internet predator has of getting to children through means like the internet is deception. There are actually ten basic psychological deceptions that sexual predators use to gain control of their victims. These ten deceptions are the ways predators convince their victims that they are someone that they either need or should trust and thereby gain access to them.

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Profile of a Predator: Danger Signs and Red Flags

There is something deeper, something much more significant than the obvious; and to gain a clear picture of one who Victimizes, it is necessary to bypass the vagueness of feelings such as violation and fear, and instead focus directly on his first and most consistent step– that a predator begins taking power in his victim’s life by systematically stripping her of her rights. This step is most concise to his point– for what surer way to disarm a potential victim of her ability to object to his actions than when his actions are put into motion without her awareness?

One is stripped of her right to object to being watched, observed, monitored, when she is unaware that any of it is taking place, unaware that the individual even exists. And in the words of one specific stalker: “Secrecy is the venue of a Perpetrator.” A predator seeks Power; everything is a means to that end…. Read the rest.