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Mario Almonte joined Bill on KOKS today to talk about teens and technology… You don’t have to be a computer wizard to help your kids safely use and navigate through the dizzying array of new technologies being introduced every day.

It is a matter of staying well-informed as a parent, and developing a good enough relationship with your children to assure them you always have their best interest in mind with regards to the things they do and the technology they use.
Mario Almonte

Mario Almonte, Old Rules Apply To New Technology Safety!

DON’T Panic!! DON’T Be Complacent!

Was Mario’s advice today on the KOKS Radio Live show… Whether you live in New York, NY or a small town in Utah a parents job is the same, both have their challenges, both have Pro & Con issues with schools, teachers, environment, peer pressure and especially the TEEN (smarter than Mom & Dad) years!!!

Kids will be kids and you have to make time everyday to share with them and listen to your children about their day, their friends, and any problems they might be having!

Just like DRUGS & Alcohol are serious for any family to deal with, the internet and social media and the technology that drives it… it’s a MUST do talk with your kids as well, don’t wait… do it now, before it is to late. Click play below to listen to this wonderful interview and the advice of a caring dad, business man, and freelance writer for one of the largest information news portals on the web!

Mario is a PR specialist and Blogger for the Huffington Post, with technology and pop culture among my focus (in addition to politics). He is also the parent of a teenage boy, who stays aware of the types of technology he is using and (hopefully!) how he is using it.

 The Huffington Post

Just because it is a new technology, it doesn’t mean that the old rules don’t apply. We all teach our children not to talk to strangers on the street. If a stranger approaches them and tries to get them to do something they are uncomfortable with, walk away from the situation or seek out adult help, etc.

Educated kids will still make mistakes; will you be there when they do?

It’s the same thing when children are online. If on Facebook, don’t simply “friend” a total stranger who tries to start a conversation; above all, don’t give out your personal information to the “public.” As you can see, the old rules don’t change just because you’re in a digital environment.

Remember, The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

1. Awareness (U care)

2. Communication (listening)

3. Teaching (the best part)

4. Action (follow through)

Be Aware. Start Actively Communicating. Parents you need to start teaching them NOW, and make sure to follow through by discussing these kinds of peer pressure related activities with your children. Be diligent and improve daily on Keeping Our (YOUR) Kids Safe. Prevent Internet Security Issues by using KOKS’s Simple Parenting Cornerstones to teach your children about online and offline safety. Read the full story, The 4 KOKS Cornerstones.