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Mike Petetit President, The Neighborhood Ownership Model

Joining Bill today on KOKS was Mike Petetit Chairman of Lafayette Square Safety and Security…

President of the Neighborhood Ownership Model

“Evil exists when good people fail to act”

A strong partnership among neighborhoods, police officers, prosecutors and judges is the best crime-fighting weapon available in the City of St. Louis. When all the parts of the criminal justice system and community work together to address problems and develop shared solutions, we can achieve long-term crime reduction.

Almost 3 years ago Mike Petetit started a citizen-based crime prevention model in the city’s Lafayette Square neighborhood, and is working with the city’s circuit attorney and the police department to use it in other city neighborhoods.

Listen to this fantastic interview, with a Visionary Man:

Download the transcript, for this show: President Mike Petetit, The Neighborhood Ownership Model

“Neighborhoods are fed up with what’s happening and what’s been happening for a long time,” said Michael Petetit, chairman of the Lafayette Square group who helped create the template now being used for forming other neighborhood groups. “Residents are glad to be done sitting on the sidelines.”

I remember a concluding episode of Seinfield where the 4 friends stood by while a man was being robbed… and they did nothing and were arrested. At that moment in time you then realized they had made the whole series about them and their (Apathy) indifference with everyone else except between themselves.

What is Apathy?

    Apathy, means in its simplest form that you just don’t care. It is containing the feelings so that one feels absolutely no way about anything.

    Apathy, is lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.

    Apathy, an absence of emotion or enthusiasm; the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally!

Replace Apathy… With The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for better relationships & involved citizens:

1. Awareness (U care)
2. Communication (listening)
3. Teaching (the best part)
4. Action (follow through)

Communities can build and start Awareness with just one individual, groups, organizations or even leaders in their respective neighborhoods discussing issues like: The Opportunistic Criminal – Criminals choose where they commit their crimes. They commit crimes in neighborhoods where they believe they have a low risk of getting caught.

Communication Is Key”!! Getting people to talk to one another and work towards a common goal seems simple enough, but therein lies the problem. Communication is what it takes to get started, and then having open discussions with your neighbors, local law enforcement, attorneys and the judicial system!

Teaching citizens the How-To’s Of the Neighborhood Ownership Model… so, then you’ll have The Engaged Community with a Action Plan to follow through with, to accomplish your neighborhood GOALS of Creating Your Customized Neighborhood Ownership Plan: Reduce Crime and Increase Quality of Life! To Read more

A Flexible, Community-Based Approach to
Creating Significant and Lasting Crime Reduction

For More Information:
Contact: Mike Petetit, Mpetetit@yahoo.com
Website: Neighborhood Ownership Model
Manual: Neighborhood Ownership Model pdf

City neighborhoods rise up to fight crime
St. Louis Citizens Taking Back Their Neighborhoods

I would like to extend a special thank you, to Mike for being on our KOKS Radio today… he shared some great insight into how every Neighborhood could be improved greatly and why we should be involved and not just sitting on the sidelines anymore!!