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Antoinette Kuritz,   Literary Publicist, Publishing and Media Coach,
Set-up: Long before the First Amendment was written, the printed word was a source of information, influence and entertainment. The electronic age has democratized publishing, bastardized the language, and enabled opportunists, both good and bad.

There is a new move to “clean” our classics for political correctness. Some call it protecting children—others see it protecting children—others see it as new censorship and even political indoctrination.

We need to read, write, and publish good works. We owe that to our children and our legacy.

Antoinette Kuritz, Literary Publicist, Publishing and Media Coach, author, Host of Writers Roundtable Radio Show, KUSI-TV “Book Expert”, Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference, wife-of-one, mother-of-three, grandma-of three… is up-to-her-keyboard in the book biz and turned her love of words to a multi-media enterprise.

This is a fast paced jam-packed interview from start to finish, if you want the best for your kids and their school education. If you do, then you need to listen to this interview as we talk about what is happening to state and local curriculums and the rules and laws that are changing daily!!!

A former teacher and bookseller, she has inspired and engendered writers and authors of all levels.

As a labor of love, Antoinette Founded the LaJolla Writers Conference, Celebrating its 12th anniversary and she continues to “pay it forward” providing an inexpensive, informative, intimate, gathering of established authors, agents editors, distributors… all teaching the art craft and business of writing to writers of all levels.

Click Here: Registration For La Jolla Writer's Conference.

Conference registration is limited to the first 200 attendees, so register early for 2012 La Jolla Writer’s Conference November 2-4, 2012 Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Highlighted points in the interview, make sure to listen this 30 minute interview it was awesome!

    – What kids should and shouldn’t read, Who decides?
    – Huck Finn and other great books in our libraries
    – Experience first teaching (English teachers considering Grapes of Wrath a ‘dirty’ book)
    – Benefits of reading with your child, particularly as they get older (we all talk about reading with small kids – but what about our pre-teens and teens)
    – Benefits of parent / child book clubs
    – Sophistication of books for kids today: (Catherine Ryan Hyde)
    – Benifts of books like Nancy Drew
    – Examples authors writing good books: Phil Margolin, Helen Stringer, etc.

We would like to thank Antoinette Kuritz for her time today, it was a honor to have her on the show!! And, as she says; Read With Your KIDS, don’t wait… do IT now!!