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Bill interviewed Bill Van Cleave from  Emergency Link, on today’s KOKS Radio live show…

Emergency Link Saves Lives!

You Must listen to this fantastic informative show, IT may save your life or your families lives… someday!

Download the transcript, for this show: Personal-and-Private-Information-10-25-12.pdf

Personal and Private Information: Store, Share and Respond.
  1. Store. Securely store your emergency contact and other emergency information
  2. Share. Share your emergency information with family and friends so they may help you in an emergency
  3. Respond. 24-Hour response service contacts your family and forwards your information to first responders in an emergency

and the best part:


You Are In An AccidentA first responder locates the EmergencyLink ID and calls EmergencyLink as instructed. EmergencyLink provides the first responder with your emergency medical information and contacts your “Emergency Contacts” as you have instructed.

Your Child Is MissingYou can quickly create a a Missing Person report and forward it to the police. The police can immediately act on the information maximizing their chances of locating your child quickly and safely.


A Friend is in an AccidentIf your friend is an EmergencyLink Member and is “sharing” their info with you, you can access their emergency medical information (allergies, medications, medical insurance) and forward them to the first responder.

An EmergencyLink Member Has Passed AwayEmergencyLink verifies the death of the Member and provides the Member’s “Important Contacts” and “Important Records” to the individuals that the Member had selected. Read more

We would like to thank Bill for being on the KOKS Radio show today… and the best way to give him thanks, for all the good information, is to sign up for your families free account today!! I DID!