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That was my question to Chris, and here is his answer: Don’t Open until you listen to all, the recording!!

Joining Bill today on KOKS, was Chris Hadnagy, his main focus is to help people with their online security. Corporations higher Chris to help with their internet safety and IT tech safety and their vulnerabilities. Chris shares with us tips about internet security at home which includes our family’s and our children.

Chris Hadnagy

Chris is the author of the book “Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking”. Chris also runs, one of the web’s most successful security podcasts, called: The Social Engineering Podcast

Some questions we discussed today:

1. Social Engineering
2. Media Manipulation
3. Innocence of the Media
4. Defcon 20 Social Engineering CTF Report

Chris Hadnagy was awesome on the show! Chris shared some wonderfully useful info throughout the show!! BUT, the last 5 minutes… ROCKS! Every single person and parent needs to listen to that part of the podcast, especially, if you have teens who are using mobile (smartphones) communication devices, his “Thought 4 2day” was Priceless!!

Click play to listen:

Download the transcript, for this show: Using-GPS-Location-In-SmartPhones-10-18-12

Chris Hadnagy, aka loganWHD presently focuses on the “human” aspect of technology such as social engineering and physical security. Chris has spent time in providing training in many topics around the globe and also has had many articles published in local, national an national and international magazines and journals. Chris is an student of Paul Ekman’s training classes on Microexpressions and has spent time learning and educating others on the values of nonverbal communications. He is also the lead developer of Social-Engineer.Org.

He has launched a line of professional social engineering training and pen testing services at Social-Engineer.Com. His goal is to help companies remain secure by educating them on the methods the “bad guys” use. Analyzing, studying, dissecting then performing the very same attacks used by malicious hackers on some of the most recent attacks (i.e. Sony, HB Gary, LockHeed Martin, etc), Chris is able to help companies stay educated and secure.

Make sure to get your own copy of this fantastic book: Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

I really want to thank Chris for stopping by today and sharing his wisdom and knowledge with me and our KOKS audience, I learned so much in just 30 minutes… make sure to download this podcast and listen to it, at your connivance !! Interview with Chris.

Ok, just in case you missed it, here is the answer to: Social Engineering the art of human hacking…
How can this help your kids? Click to: Open now, this is awesome advice for parents everywhere!!