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KOKS Final Thought 4 2day! you well know, when someone puts their mind to “IT” anything is possible!!

Words Have Power; sharing books with the family, and parents reading the books their kids are reading. Get back the child you left behind, all those years ago. Read a few minutes a day!

Author: Helen Stringer

Author: Helen Stringer

The vast, empty old mansion, opened to the public for tours, became a the buildings in her books.

In America, Helen attended film school, worked in the entertainment industry and then at an entertainment law firm. Like so many writers, her writing was done second shift. While working and learning how the industry works, Helen began working on SPELLBINDER, getting great advice from a partner in the firm.

Helen was awesome guest!!! I totally
loved the show, listen below:

Helen now lives in a barn at the back of her parents’ house with a bunch of cats and a ton of books.

Her books, Spellbinder and Belladonna are intended to stir the imagination of middle-schoolers on either side of the pond. Check out her amazing books, below `V`

Poverty? Drop-outs? Jail Time? Why can’t Johnny Read?

  1. 1 Child in 4 will not learn to read as a child.
  2. 2/3 of kids who don’t read by 4th grade will be incarcerated or on welfare.
  3. Will you put your kid behind a book-
  4. or find him behind bars?
  5. How do you compete with video games, texting and TV…
  6. How do we instill a love of reading in our kids?

Every parent worries about their kids and wants them to succeed.  And every parent, no matter how busy, can encourage their child to read.  What can we do to help!


For more great info, click here: http://helenstringer.net/blog/

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Interesting note: Helen collects vintage cookbooks, and loves to cook – though she has yet to try the “recipe for invalids” in a cookbook from 1736 which involves putting 200 dead sparrows into an earthenware jar, burying them in horse dung for a month, and then making them into a broth… Now there’s a story…