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Erin Runnion & Michelle Bart Joined Bill on KOKS Radio today and we talked about, the Internet during the holidays, and some recent open missing person cases because of the internet… listen to this awesome interview full of wonderful tips, advice and wisdom to Keeping Our Kids Safe!! Click Play to Listen below:

Michelle Bart Specializes in: Human Trafficking, Kidnapping & Missing Children…


Michelle Bart is a successful award-winning media consultant, publicist, event producer/director, public speaker, child advocate, freelance journalist, and marketing specialist for over 20 years. Bart holds a communication’s degree and has applied her education and expertise to helping businesses, non-profit organizations and families of missing loved ones obtain visibility through the media, community & public relations, and the Internet.

Erin Runnion, is a Child Advocate and Founder of The Joyful Child Foundation, In 2002, a bright and beautiful girl named Samantha Runnion, just 11 days shy of her sixth birthday, was abducted from her Orange County front yard while playing with her best friend.

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It’s been ten years since Samantha was taken and since the Foundation was formed. Erin would like to convey to people that she is a child safety advocate since her foundation focuses on programs that educate and empower children and parents. The foundation is celebrating it’s ten year anniversary this year. It’s also been ten years (this past July) since Samantha’s murder and we also celebrated her 16th birthday.

Founder, The Joyful Child Foundation – In Memory of Samantha Runnion, (TJCF) a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse and abduction. Samantha was kidnapped and murdered in 2002. Erin is dedicated to ensuring Samantha’s tragic death continue to be a catalyst to engage others in our collective responsibility in protecting our nation’s children. Honors include A Certificate of Valor from The Department of Justice, People Magazine’s 2004 Heroes Among Us Award and commendations from the California State Assembly and the Orange and Los Angeles County Boards of Supervisors. TJCF delivers child safety empowerment programs at schools and parks.

Samantha’s Motto: BE BRAVE

The Joyful Child Foundation is dedicated to preventing crimes against children through programs that educate, empower and unite families and communities. See all the resources below.

I want to thank Michelle and Erin for joining me today on the KOKS Radio Show… it was an awesome interview, do yourself and your kids a favor by listening to the recording above, because it will make a difference with you and your kids!!

Resources and Materials:

Foundation’s website: www.NWCAVE.org

Foundation’s website: www.TheJoyfulChild.org

Resource: http://www.nsopw.gov/en-US/Education/ResourcesMaterials

Resource: http://www.radkids.org/

YOU Can Make A Difference! By Supporting your local ICAC Team, local law enforcement or national organizations such as NWCAVE.

There is 624,000 people that law enforcement are completely aware of and know where they live, because the pedophiles are using P2P networks to share child pornographic images and videos…

They all could be arrested tomorrow, if we only had an additional 3 billion dollars in our National Budget set aside, and ear marked for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force across America… remember the statistics each pedophile grooms and molests a minimum of 10 to 30 children before they are ever caught!!!

Do the math: 624,000 X 10 = ? and as Detective Kevin Conde explained it, that these pedophiles who use and are a part of the *WDC group… Because, they use P2P! That can be tracked because it is an opensource, and these networks are normally always used for some sort of Illegal Purposes… *Worlds Dumbest Criminals

When bills & legislation are proposed and become issues in your state and local areas please go and VOTE! Your donations, volunteer work and support are greatly appreciated to help save lives…