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Joining Bill today on KOKS Live Radio show was, Daniel Rudich – Senior Vice President at Tangoe

Dan Rudich

Dan is a proven sales, marketing and business development executive with over 15 years of experience in new product introductions and market segment creation in high revenue growth environments.

FamZee is a new solution that helps parents ensure their family’s safety 24/7, while helping them keep track of their family’s smartphone usage and manage their costs. It address parents’ key concerns around mobile technology safety, mobile savings and parental device control. FamZee consists of an app that goes on each family member’s smartphone and connects to the FamZee.com site. Parents can use FamZee.com to set up alerts, warnings and rules for their entire mobile family to ensure they’re safe, in budget and under control.

What an awesome show today, Dan shared his companies new app called FamZee, we went through all the features and how it works to keep your family safe 24/7 and how you can set up alerts to protect your kids! Very cool product & service, listen below to Dan’s interview.

A mere decade ago, teenagers did not own a smartphone or tablet, nor did they have Facebook or Twitter accounts. Technology has changed or rather revolutionized the way today’s children are growing up, not to mention their impact on parenting. With the introduction of smartphones, access to the internet allows children to connect to a multitude of social media networks.


Smartphones can be seen as a mixed blessing – both parents and children, including teens feel that smartphones make their lives safer and more convenient… Read more here: www.famzee.com

Dan being a good parent and wanting to protect his daughter’s online experience, went to work to develop a way of protecting her and her smartphone… the results are fantastic, click image to get his company’s brand new app called:

Click Me to Get FamZee App

I want to thank Dan for joining me today, I learned some new ways to protect my own daughter and you will too… Listen to his interview: Daniel Rudich, FamZee Keeping Your Family Safe 24/7