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What is Common Core? is it: “One Size Fits All” Education.

The Utah 3 Mom’s Fighting the Good Fight!

The 3 Utah  Mom's Fighting the Good Fight!

Common Core is a set of nationwide standards, assessments and curriculum, with a national database tracking system which Utah adopted and later renamed Utah Core. Special interests and the Federal Government paid millions of dollars to bring states together to nationalize education.

The 3 Mom’s Fighting the Good Fight! Common Core: What Is It, And How Does It Affect Your Family?

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I would like to thank each of the 3 Utah mom’s Renee Braddy, Christel Swasey, Alisa Ellis for being on my KOKS Radio show, and for fighting the good fight for their families and yours as well. Their Quotes!

This is information you are going to want to have in this Election year, to make an informed decision about the future of education for YOUR kids!!!