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Bill Wardell

Bill Wardell is an advocate for keeping kids safe online, a social media consultant, and online parenting expert who thrives on helping parents understand the role social media and technology play in their children’s lives and how to keep technology in the home without allowing it to overtake family time.

The Initiative: Keeping Our Kids Safe, by Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety!


Online Parenting expert Bill Wardell has been creating and delivering his radio show and articles to parents for 7 years. Bill founded Keeping Our Kids Safe after several successful ventures in the online security and internet safety field.

Deciding to go out on his own, Bill found a revolving theme in his business ventures and in his desire to serve the community. This is where Bill decided his talents and expertise would best be suited in helping parents learn to navigate the digital world their children are constantly engaged in.

Bill Wardell’s Examiner Publications: 2012, 2013

January 4, 2013: Internet Pornography: Addiction, social epidemic, or something more?

DECEMBER 29, 2012: How fat is your Child’s Brain… Is it Time for a strict internet diet?

DECEMBER 27, 2012: What is this generation being taught? About Guns, Violence and Disasters!.

DECEMBER 12, 2012: CyberBullying does it ever stop? Tips for stopping teen harassment

DECEMBER 11, 2012: 70% of Top Athletes GO Broke! What parents can learn and teach, to their teens.

DECEMBER 3, 2012: Fatherhood the 10 things men should still teach their sons, in the 21st century.

NOVEMBER 26, 2012: Recent sex abuse scandals involving young athletes, a much bigger problem!

NOVEMBER 17, 2012: Parents teach your teens, their daily choices makes a Lifelong Legacy!

NOVEMBER 17, 2012: TEXTING… While thinking about Sex!

NOVEMBER 9, 2012: Educated kids will still make mistakes; will you be there when they do?

NOVEMBER 5, 2012: Parents love, Yoursphere the social network for kids and teens.

NOVEMBER 1, 2012: Back to school issues for parents: CyberBullying what kids are facing each day.

OCTOBER 25, 2012: Back to school, back to peer pressure, and back to bad habits?

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Salt Lake City, Cyber Safety Examiner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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