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SpectorSoft’s Lisa Shaw joined Bill today Live on KOKS Radio Show! Hands down, it was one of the best KOKS Radio interviews we have had!! She made two great offers to all of our fans, supporters and listening audience… a special PDF download & a 25% savings on all their consumers products, that is just amazing, see details below!

What do five kids ranging in age from kindergarten to high school, a Harvard MBA and years of protecting kids online get you? It gets you Lisa Shaw, COO of her very busy household, and the Senior Director of Online Child Safety and Protection at SpectorSoft, the number one leader in monitoring and protecting your kids online. She has been concerned about protecting her children online ever since her son started searching the Internet back in the day of AskJeeves.


After receiving her Harvard MBA, she put her degree to work while at the same time dealing with issues surrounding unidentified slime, twin boys, pediatric cardiac surgeries, youth sports, babysitters, toilets clogged with Thomas the Train track pieces, and more. Over the years, she has been a full-time stay-at-home mom, a part-time working mom and a full-time working mom. Lisa understands the importance of protecting kids at the intersection of their online and offline lives. As the Senior Director of Online Child Safety and Protection at SpectorSoft, she’s an expert on the technology and trends that you need to arm yourself with to be the best parent you can be in today’s digital world.


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SpectorSoft’s Lisa Shaw Interview, Are You Ruining Your Child’s Reputation?

How do we as parents protect our children and their reputations whether it’s from themselves or from us damaging their reputation. Three things to think about:

1) Being Over Protective!
2) Being Under Protective!
3) Not Being Involved (Protective) at ALL!

Click play to find out how to be the best (Protective) parent, you can be!

During our interview Lisa also announced their brand new app for texting & driving, it’s one of the best (Child Safety) solutions I have heard of… over the last couple of years, and it’s FREE!!

Protect Your Teen Driver from Texting and Driving for Free Starting Now!

Did you know that while 11% of fatal auto crashes involving drivers under 20 years are caused by distractions that include mobile phone usage, 77% of young adults are very or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving? {Read The Article By Lisa Shaw]


detext... Protect Your Teen Driver from Texting and Driving for Free Starting Now!


detext is the solution you have been looking for to protect your teen driver!  And you can download it today for free from the Android App Store, Google App store or Click here: www.detext.com.

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