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Bill’s KOKS Radio show guest today, was Phillip Margolin who has written sixteen New York Times bestsellers… He has met his share of criminals, and wants kids to want to read!

Phil Margolin
He and his daughter Ami Margolin Rome are out to revive real curiosity in kids. Reading is an essential tool that statistically separates kids who read from juveniles and adults who lean toward under achievement and crime.

His book called: Vanishing Acts, takes the young reader away from the video screen and into the action that arouses healthy curiosity with characters they want to know better.

About Phillip Margolin: Despite more than a dozen NYT best sellers, an HBO movie and numerous writing Honors, Phillip Margolin belies the myth that great writers are born behind their keyboards.

The richness of his characters and stories were founded on a detail-rich life that took him from NYC to Oregon by way of the Peace Corps, NYU Law School, teaching junior high school in the South Bronx, numerous murder trials, appearance before the US Supreme Court and the first battered woman defense in Oregon for a woman accused of murdering her spouse.


Listen to this fantastic interview, and you will find out how!!

About Vanishing Acts: Stepping away from adult mysteries, Phillip, together with his daughter Ami Margolin Rome, created a precocious junior high school girl soccer player who is solving a murder while her busy single-parent-lawyer dad has no clue. Weaving this 2ist century tale in the spirit of Nancy Drew, the Margolins explore the complexities of the father-daughter relationship in complicated world.

Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts, takes the young reader away from the video screen and into the action that arouses healthy curiosity with characters they want to know better.

Click the book cover above to get your kids a copy of, this wonderful mystery book… just for kids!!

Phillip’s KOKS Final Thought 4 2day!

Ultimately, parents are responsible for their kids reading and education, especially teaching them the value of READING! Take time before your kids go to bed to READ!! Give them the opportunity to pick books they would like to read, and also share with them the awesome experience of going to a bookstore, just to Browse!


I really want to thank Phillip for his time today, and I am looking forward to him coming back on our show with his brand new book he is writing now.

Check out both the Website: PhillipMargolin.com and his FB Fanpage: Phillip Margolin Author

Interview notes*

From 1996 to 2009 he was the President and Chairman of the Board of Chess for Success. Chess for Success is a non-profit charity that uses chess to teach elementary and middle school children in Title I schools study skills.

From 2007 to the present, he has been on the Board of Literary Arts, which sponsors the Oregon Book Awards, The Writers in the Schools program and Portland Arts and Lectures.

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