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Kevin Breel a writer, speaker, teenager.

Kevin was awesome on today’s show… and you can tell he really cares about young people and wants to help them be, Creative and Not Consuming that was his message…

Check out his bio, by clicking his name below: “Here is the quick and dirty on who I am and what I’m about in 10 quick lines.

Kevin Breel: I write stuff. Lots of stuff.

Initially, my writing career began as a super successful author of my own notebooks. Well, about as successful as you can be when no one has ever read your work.

Click here: Kevin Breel's Bio

Then I began blogging, which legitimized me as a writer to other people besides my Mum and English teacher.

I started posting things about personal insight, unconventional advice, and how to do something cool with your life. Now, it’s more of a digital home for me to unload all the crazy thoughts that I have in a day. Sort of like a well designed diary with a comment section.

Despite a passion for random rants, I decided that I should probably try and organize all this stuff in to something a little more cohesive and complete. Apparently, the call that a book.

Click play to listen to this awesome interview with Kevin…

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Kevin Breel Says BAdreamer, don’t let Today’s Technology Steal Your DREAM!

Parents please take the time to download this or listen NOW to a young man who has grown up in the world of Technology and a Digital world, and found he does not have to be connected to everyone… does not need 1000’s so called online friends, nor does he need a Facebook account, to be social!!!

I found Keven Breel very professional, and very intelligent about what kids need and should want for a happy UNplugged life!!

Not totally unplugged, but only using technology as it was meant to be… a TOOL!!! Not to be used because of your friends, peer pressure to keep up with everybody, and/or they’re Sooo bored and have nothing better to DO!

Sooo, Parents

Just DO IT

Teach Each Of YOUR Kids to Be A Dreamer!


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