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Joining me today was Jeff Chamberlain who is the Writer, Director and Producer of The MINE Movie!!

THE MINE is opening TONIGHT at: The Redstone in Park City – Kimball Jct 7:00 and 9:15.

Check out why teens and parents alike are loving it. Please share this info with your family, friends and especially their (teens) kids. From now until Halloween, this is the Last Chance to see the movie, in the Utah area.

I had a chance to meet with Jeff after the private screening of The MINE Movie in Park City, UT a few weeks ago, and was really impressed with him and his movie… I was really excited to get the chance to interview him today, and I was not disappointed he is a real true gentleman, both live in person and then talking with him today via our KOKS Radio interview, you can listen for yourself to interview:

What a great movie it was, full of lots of scares, thrills, action and humor, etc… from start to finish it delivered on every level for a great movie experience, plus there were plenty of laughs to go around, with a very surprising twist at the end… Read my review: The MINE Movie

Writer/Director Jeff Chamberlain crafts an intense PG-13 suspense-thriller that keeps young audiences glued to their seats up to the very end – an instant classic! BUT it’s MORE than thrilling entertainment. Chamberlain’s Alfred Hitchcock–styled storytelling doesn’t insult the intelligence of 13-25 year olds – but rather challenges them….. with an emotional roller coaster that defies the Hollywood formula!

Jeff Chamberlain Writer, Director And Producer of The MINE Movie.
Jeff Chamberlain is a veteran of over 37 years in TV and Film. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area but he attended BYU and now lives in Park City. He’s been married for 33 years to his wife Lachelle, whom he met on a movie set when they were cast as sweethearts. They have four daughters.

After receiving his MBA from UCLA’s The Anderson School, Chamberlain ran an entertainment strategy consulting practice for such clients as the State of California, the State of Maryland, the City of Baltimore, Northern Carolina Studios, Samsung Entertainment Group, Turner Pictures Worldwide, Kushner/ Locke Productions, The Larry Thompson Organization, Victor and Grais Productions, Magder Studios, Trilogy Media Group, Southwest Florida Film Commission…

KPMG Peat Marwick, the prestigious entertainment law firm Bloom, Dekom, Hergott and Cook, and other corporate clients. Chamberlain was also previously employed by CBS Television’s corporate finance department.

Prior to his entertainment “business” career, Chamberlain was a successful actor appearing numerous times on TV and in film in such shows as – contract lead on CBS Daytime drama CAPITOL (2 yrs) – ONE LIFE TO LIVE, AS THE WORLD TURNS, ALL MY CHILDREN and other credits which can be seen on his IMDB page. Another great review for The Mine: A “Faith-Friendly” Scary Movie?

I want to personally thank Jeff for taking his valuable time and sharing his movie, his message and himself with me and the KOKS Radio audience! What a treat no trick interview, I was very honored and I am especially looking forward to see what happens (NEXT) when they take this great movie into national distributions, and maybe even a Part 2: “Digging Deeper” into The MINE!

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