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by CHWR in Family on Fri, March 21, 2008

Stephen Dean, Your Neighbor’s Secret Life Online

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Protecting Families from Internet Conmen, Scammers and Predators — Peabody Award-winning investigative journalist Stephen Dean has been tackling the stories that other reporters shy away from since 1984.

The author of two nationally published books, he is now a highly sought-after expert on Internet crimes and culture.


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Stephen Dean is the lead investigative reporter for NBC station KPRC TV. Mr. Dean was a guest of the CyberHood Watch radio show and we covered a lot of subject matter. Stephen covered how pedophiles will tip-toe up to your child, check them out and begin the process of “grooming” for their next victim. Don’t make the mistake thinking your child is smart enough. They are no match for seasoned criminal pedophiles, who may be grooming as many as eight children at one time.

Kids know about the term “stranger-danger” (a term that Nancy McBride, National Safety Director for NCEMC, would like to see removed from the English language), they know about creeps on the Internet but, they don’t feel they are strangers because of the many hours they have spent together on the Internet. These predators understand all too well the psychology of a young mind. A phrase like, “I’m a school teacher, you need to be careful in chat rooms, I know and understand your age group”, simple phrase but, it lowers the resistance of the child.

One of my most favorite guests of all time!!

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