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by KOKS in Family on Wed, Nov 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Family

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist    

At this time of year, we give thanks for loyal friends, followers and supporters like you. Your patronage and support has helped make the world a little safer for children.

Remember when the kids are off from school, they are outside playing, inside of movie theaters, shopping malls and over at their friend’s home. We want to be-aware of where are the kids at all times and who they are with.


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You can make a difference! Make your community aware that their options like KOKSRadio.com and child safety programs, by sharing it with your friends and neighbors. Please have a safe holiday!

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I have wanted to build for a long time a system designed solely and completely for parents in today’s media driven technology based world we all live in. Our Kids are being tested, studied, manipulated and catered to with their iPods, Smartphones and notebooks. This technology is at their disposal 24 hours a day. Many of these children have the belief that they DESERVE it or are somehow entitled to this instant gratification. It’s the role of parents to take a step back, evaluate their families needs and wants in order to make informative choices before it is too late for their KIDS!

 Keeping Our Kids Safe

Keeping Our Kids Safe starts with Awareness, Communication and Knowledge. We’ll be sharing this kind of information with parents everywhere on a weekly basis on KOKS Radio. Weekly updates will be available on our KOKS blog including a very special section called “Trending with Teens”. Daily as well as weekly info will be posted on Twitter and Facebook that will give you quick insight on answers and solutions for today’s problems, that every teen, tweens and all our kids are faced with daily!

My main focus has been working and dealing with the security issues of the day, such as ID theft, Online Predators, MySpace & Teens, and Keeping Our Kids Safe. With ever-growing online security issues it has become even more important to know more about Internet safety and protecting your family.

Mission: Keeping Our Kids Safe, by Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety!

KeepingOurKidsSafe.co is my latest project designed to help parents keep their kids safe. I began my entrepreneurial adventure in online business in 2005. I built my first network of sites called http://onlinesecurityauthority.com/. The past 4 ½ years I have devoted to The CyberHood Watch http://thecyberhoodwatch.com/ where I developed the CHW Network. I have dabbled in many other online ventures and security related networks. I am thankful to have been able to be involved in so many successful projects!

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KOKS Radio Show Host

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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