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Bill Wardell

Bill Wardell Is A Radio Security Journalist, as well as the…
Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!!

“This is where you come in – you yourself were a kid once, and you can never be too old to relate to what kids are feeling. Kids helping Kids gives you an opportunity to do good, help a child in need, and even form an unbreakable bond with them. Open your heart, because we’re all just kids, helping kids.”

Campaign: Learn About The Top 13 Issues, Facing
Teens And How To Be Better Internet Parents.
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Bill, is well known and respected for his expertise of Online Safety & Security both as an Online Radio Host & Radio Security Journalist.

He has built many online communities & website information portals, to teach parents, grandparents, educators and leaders how to keep kids safe & secure online as well as offline!

With over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses offline and online. Bill has produced and hosted over 500 radio interviews with industry leaders worldwide.

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

  • 1. Awareness (U care)
  • 2. Communication (listening)
  • 3. Teaching (the best part)
  • 4. Follow through (action).


Read the full story, The 4 KOKS Cornerstones.

Be Aware. Start Actively Communicating. Parents you need to start teaching them NOW, and make sure to follow through by discussing these kinds of peer pressure related activities with your children. Be diligent and improve daily on Keeping Our… YOUR Kids Safe.

Prevent Internet Security Issues by using KOKS’s Simple Parenting Cornerstones to teach your children about online and offline safety.

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from our blog, if you have any questions, Click IT: To Contact Us


Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Show Host

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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